University Liaison Committee

ExxonMobil Qatar built an internal taskforce in 2006 – the University Liaison Committee – to achieve more effective student outreach and increase Qatarization efforts within the company. The committee is dedicated to attracting high caliber graduates for careers with ExxonMobil Qatar by increasing the company’s visibility and awareness with Qatari students, university faculty and staff members.

Through the committee, ExxonMobil Qatar offers fully-funded undergraduate scholarships and summer internship opportunities to qualified candidates from various universities and colleges. Since its inception, the committee has provided more than 140 Qatari students with academic sponsorship, in addition to more than 155 internship opportunities at ExxonMobil Qatar.

Due in part to the committee’s efforts, ExxonMobil Qatar is steadily progressing toward the target of having national employees represent 60 percent of its workforce.