Sixth Qatar University ExxonMobil Teachers Academy to take place in Doha

DOHA, Qatar – The sixth edition of the Qatar University ExxonMobil Teachers Academy is set to take place in Doha later this month.

The academy is a week-long annual training program for grade three to six science and math teachers from Qatar’s independent schools that was established in 2012 by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, Qatar University’s National Center for Educator Development and ExxonMobil Qatar. 

The academy provides a professional development opportunity that encourages teachers to develop their professional skill sets, and sparks innovation to improve math, science, technology, and engineering (STEM) education. Moreover, it encourages teacher excellence, cultivates learning in STEM fields, and supports national educational reform efforts. 

More than 50 independent school teachers, Teach For Qatar fellows and teachers from Maharaty - an initiative by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education -- will take part in the 2017 academy. These teachers have been selected by Qatar University and the Ministry of Education and Higher Education based on their commitment to quality teaching and dedication to improving their profession as a whole. 

Six years on, 200 teachers have benefited from the intensive program that has developed the skills to stimulate critical thinking in students, and taught them how to inspire future generations to take an interest in STEM subjects. As a result, these teachers have impacted more than 10,000 students in Qatar’s independent schools, creating a ripple effect in the national education system. 

Qatar has a responsibility to invest in the education needed to help develop people and communities, and foster the intellectual capacity required to address society’s future challenges,” said Dr. Ahmed Al-Emadi the Dean of college of education at Qatar University. “With our partner, ExxonMobil Qatar, we will continue to work together on projects such as the Qatar University ExxonMobil Teacher Academy to enhance educational excellence in science and mathematics, so that Qatar’s students can excel in leadership roles in Qatari society and the global workforce 

“The Qatar University ExxonMobil Teachers Academy is one of our flagship education initiatives - it reinforces our commitment to preparing Qatar’s workforce of tomorrow,” said Alistair Routledge, President and General Manager for ExxonMobil Qatar. “With the collaboration of our partners the Ministry of Education and Higher Education and Qatar University, the academy helps educators refresh their teaching strategies and techniques and update their classroom skills so that they can empower and inspire students to become globally productive citizens.” 

“His Highness The Emir has a vision for a knowledge-based society in Qatar, and if we are to help fulfill this vision, it is critical that we provide high quality educational and professional development opportunities for teachers, particularly in math and science fields. We look forward to nurturing more and more transformational educators through the academy who will inspire today’s students to become the STEM leaders that will carry Qatar into the future,” added Routledge. 

Ms. Hissa Al-Aali, Director of Training and Educational Development Center at the Ministry of Education and Higher Education said “We live in a globally connected world that is developing at an extremely fast pace. To thrive in tomorrow’s world, our students need to learn in and out of the classroom, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they have learning experiences that let them progress at a pace that meets their individual needs and engage them deeply. It is also our responsibility to prepare our teachers so that they are fully equipped to provide these learning experiences through professional growth opportunities that will help their students succeed. We need to move away from the generic, one-size-fits all solutions that don’t work anymore."

Dr. Abdullah Abu-Tineh, the Director of National Center for Educational Development- NCED Associate Professor of Educational Leadership & HRD at Qatar University College of Education said, "Since the pilot program that was launched in 2012, the Qatar University ExxonMobil Teachers Academy has become a principal and substantive event for teacher training in Qatar. A great deal of effort has gone into the academy by all who are responsible for its exceptional growth - the National Center for Education Development, our colleagues at ExxonMobil Qatar, and the staff at Qatar University”. He added “We are at the College of Education grateful to ExxonMobil for their full support, for the establishment of the Academy and also for the sponsorship agreement for an ExxonMobil Chair in Science and Technology at College of Education, as well as a number of initiatives that incite an active interest in science, technology, engineering and math, or STEM, education, and the professional development of highly qualified teachers."

It is worth mentioning that ExxonMobil Qatar and Qatar University have enjoyed a historical and long-term relationship that goes back more than two decades. This relationship is dedicated to improving quality education in the country and supporting Qatar’s overall progress in achieving long-term and impactful educational outcomes.

About ExxonMobil

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ExxonMobil Qatar Limited is a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation and is the interface point within Qatar for all ExxonMobil affiliated activities.