ExxonMobil Qatar’s Women’s Network, EMRA’A

ExxonMobil Qatar’s women’s interest network, EMRA’A, was founded in 2009 to provide women working within the company and its joint ventures with skills training, mentoring, career guidance and networking opportunities. EMRA’A, meaning ‘woman’ in Arabic, also stands for ExxonMobil Reaching, Aspiring and Advancing, and is modelled off of other ExxonMobil professional women’s networking groups around the globe.

Since establishment, EMRA’A has functioned as a platform from which opportunities for professional women can surface, and where trending topics related to women in the workplace can be brought to the table. The network strives to connect with the Qatari community and hosts events with development opportunities, valuable networking opportunities and team-building activities. Additionally, EMRA’A hosts community events for ExxonMobil to support the needs of the Qatari community.


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