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Chairman's letter

Rex W. Tillerson Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Energy makes life as we know it possible. Energy provides the fundamental underpinnings for quality of life. Energy powers the world’s economies and allows us to improve our standards of living.

ExxonMobil’s core mission is to power the world’s progress by expanding energy supplies safely, securely and responsibly. We believe our industry will be instrumental to meeting a fundamental and universal human need. Our successes are a reminder that new technologies and proven techniques are the key to unlocking abundant sources of energy. We uphold the highest standards of safety and environmental protection in supplying the world’s energy.

Our work enables billions to access the energy that supports their livelihoods. We understand the need to thoughtfully invest to expand the benefits of modern energy while protecting the environment and addressing the impacts of rising greenhouse gas emissions and climate change.

This Corporate Citizenship Report provides a view of how we work to help power the world’s progress. It shares our priorities and our plans for the future. It provides data and examples that chart our progress and describe our approach. Some of the highlights related to our priorities include:

Safety, health and the workplace

The effort to develop energy resources takes our company to some of the most difficult and challenging places on earth. We make a commitment to do the right thing, the right way, every time each employee and contractor does his or her job. In 2015, we continued our journey toward our goal of Nobody Gets Hurt. We will never stop working to achieve and sustain this goal.

Managing climate change risks

Managing the risks of climate change is an important responsibility for our business and society at large. We believe that sound policy, free markets, innovation, technology and efficiency are essential in addressing the risks of climate change. We continue to advance research and development, leading to innovation in areas such as advanced biofuels, carbon capture and sequestration, and energy efficiency. Managing our own greenhouse gas emissions is a core element of our operations. We have and will continue to engage relevant stakeholders to further develop climate science and broaden its understanding by society at large.

Environmental performance

Rigorous, science-based environmental management is a critical element of what we do. Protect Tomorrow. Today. sets the principles that guide our efforts to protect biodiversity, manage water use and air emissions, avoid spills, decommission sites and rehabilitate the environment.

Community and social impact

Maintaining respect for human rights, responsibly managing our impacts on communities and making valued social investments are integral to the success and sustainability of our business. In 2015, we contributed $268 million to communities around the world, focusing on areas such as improving education, combating malaria and advancing economic opportunities for women. ExxonMobil’s local content and supply chain management strategies are designed to deliver lasting and shared value to host countries, local communities and our business.


Upholding the highest ethical standards of business conduct is critical to maintaining our global license to operate. A commitment to ethics and integrity is the foundation of our corporate culture. We seek to maintain the highest anti-corruption compliance in all aspects of our operations.

The challenge of powering the world’s progress is one that defies simple solutions. There are many stakeholders with strongly held views and differing opinions. We work to understand them and strive to strike an appropriate balance that maximizes the benefits to society. The approach we take will be grounded in facts and science, and will be guided by practical choices backed by human ingenuity. The good news is that practical options to meet people’s needs for reliable, affordable energy continue to expand.

I’m pleased to share this Corporate Citizenship Report to show how we approach these challenges, the actions we’re committed to taking and the performance of the capable men and women who make up ExxonMobil.

We continue to encourage feedback from all of our stakeholders at

Rex W. Tillerson
Chairman and CEO