Al Fursan Center


Al Fursan Center

ExxonMobil Qatar has partnered with Al Fursan Center since 2006, offering support to 10 of its main programs, including the National Program of Women Empowerment Outside Doha City and the Youth Empowerment Program for Remote Areas of Qatar. Beneficiaries of these programs include students at Qatar University, who receive professional development training to equip them with skills in preparation for the workforce.

Through the National Program for Women, more than 440 Qatari women have received training to date, and a significant number of them have gone on to initiate changes in their career, find better employment or launch their own businesses.

The Youth Empowerment Program for Remote Areas of Qatar has allowed more than 54 young adults to receive specialized training sessions that are designed to introduce them to values such as work ethics, teamwork and personal accountability, in addition to helping them succeed in the work place.

Photo — Graduates of the Al Fursan Youth Empowerment Program for Remote Areas of Qatar.

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