ExxonMobil embraces the Four Pillars of Qatar’s National Vision 2030

The National Vision defines the long-term outcomes for the country and provides a framework in which national strategies and implementation plans can be developed. As part of ExxonMobil’s commitment to Qatar, we are proud to contribute to the National Vision through the energy of our people, our advanced technology and our expertise in operational excellence. Our presence in Qatar dates back several decades to when Mobil Oil, a predecessor of ExxonMobil, established an affiliation with the State of Qatar. We proudly maintain this long-term commitment, focused on the four pillars of development put forth in the National Vision: economic, environmental, human, and social.

ExxonMobil is contributing to the State of Qatar’s growing energy industry in a safe and environmentally responsible manner with equal emphasis on supporting the country’s way of life. The other elements of Qatar’s vision – human, social, and environmental development – are addressed at every level of our activities, whether through workforce development, community initiatives, research programs, or environmental management projects.

We look forward to continued contributions to Qatar as it supplies the world with the secure, reliable, and affordable energy that will be needed by an increasing population seeking a better quality of life.